Backlink Vision

See Why Any Website Rank Where They Do. Then Outrank Them. All The While Leasurly Browsing Google!

Backlink Vision is a FREE SEO Analysis tool that allows you to analyze websites while browsing Google, rather than by opening up a bunch of desktop software programs. It’s a really cool tool that does something no other program, anywhere in the world, can do. It allows you to compare Google search results, side by side.

Where 1 side lists the regular search results, and the other lists the search results sorted by things like:

backlink vision

  • Total number of links
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Alexa rank
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter tweets
  • Linkedln shares
  • Google+

This allows you to quickly see what each individual page’s strength and weaknesses are, allowing you to mirror your ranking strategies after their strengths, rather than EVERYTHING (which includes their weaknesses… which… is what most people do).

You can throw away all of your other seo and link analysis tools. No need to have multiple tools or windows open. You’ll be able to do everything as you actually browse!


Here’s the Backlink Vision in Action

backlink vision

backlink vision



Make Money With Backlink Vision

Backlink Vision is a FREE SEO Analysis tools. But the real power of Backlink Vision is… you can make money with it. How? All you have to do is upgrade your Backlink Vision Standar to Backlink Vision Gold.


Here’s how it works…


backlink vision gold


When you upgrade your copy of Backlink Vision, you’ll be given a special branded copy of the tool. Any person that you give your branded copy to, will install the tool inside their Firefox web browser.

When they do so, any time they perform a search on Google, YOUR affiliate links for related products will appear in the top 2 positions on Google, earning you a hefty commission any time they click the link and buy whatever related product they were searching for.

backlink vision ads

Please watch video below:


Backlink Vision Special Bonus

backlink vision bonus